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8. November 2019, Latest Analyses regarding EMS Europe

In my latest presentations I always mentioned, that there is still a grey area in France. The numbers of EMS manufacturers of my in4ma statistics did never conform with the numbers presented by the French Electronics Association SNESE. As of January 2019 they claim, that there are 488 EMS companies in France, doing more than 4.1 Billion Euro in revenues.  First of all I have to say a big "Merci beaucoup" to SNESE for their help in supplying me the detailed lists with all relevant information, which helps me to further improve my work on the in4ma EMS statistics.

I already realized, that these lists were done using different criteria and definitions, e.g. a company without a homepage and with revenues of less than 100.000 Euro per year is not recognized in the in4ma statistics. This already brings the numbers down from 488 to 378 EMS, still a huge increase from the present in4ma number for France of 191 EMS companies.  It will take a couple of month until I can finish the analyses for France and the latest results will be presented at the next EMS day on June 18, 2020 in Wuerzburg ( Already today, it can be said, the number of EMS companies in Europe will definitely exceed 2000 and could come to 2060 EMS (separate legal entities) of 1775 companies. Stay tuned in order to be informed about the latest developments.

4. September 2019 the newest publications in the Czech company registers were a surprise

As I do primary analysis, I am always late, at least this is the view of some companies. Yes, I am still working on the 2018 revenues, as companies publish their annual reports in the company registers up to 12 month after the end of their fiscal year. Especially companies with bad results are so naive, to think, nobody was interested anymore, if they publish after 12 to 15 month. This is just a poor sign of bad management.

But today I checked the Czech company registers and found the 2018 annual report of Wistron. This was a real surprise. Wistron reported revenues of 1,105 Million Euros for 2018, an increase of 209% against 2017. This gets Wistron to a position No. 5 of the TOP 10 EMS/ODM companies in Europe.

21. April 2019 Corrections for the global TOP 50 EMS and European owned TOP 20 EMS

Last week I had a chance to have a look at the List of global TOP 50 EMS, published by MMI. I question the list! On Pos. 22 one finds Ultra Electronics, a defense weapon company. Ultra is a specialist electrical and electronics engineering company, they are definitely not an EMS company. Bitron with its Electronics division, an Italian EMS with factories in Italy, Poland, Mexico and China is not on the list at all and with annual revenues of about 437 Mil. USD in 2018 should be on position No. 44 (or 43 if one takes Ultra off the list).

On March 4, 2019 Evertiq published a list of the TOP 20 European owned EMS companies. This list is wrong as well and it is compassionate, that an organization which calls themselves "electronics vertical intelligence" publishes lists without even crosschecking it and or getting a second opinion. Even the 2017 revenues of German Zollner Elektronik, the biggest European EMS were quoted wrong.

Evertiq: "The German Zollner Group remained the leading European EMS provider based on global revenues with estimated sales of EUR 1.25 billion in 2017." On January 18, 2019 Zollner had already published their group revenues with 1.4585 billion Euro in the German company registers, accessible to everybody ( Professional journalism is something different.

Here is the correct list (with 2018 revenues)


3. April 2019 Growth rates Domestic/Export D-A-CH 2013 - 2018

The growth rates 2013 to 2018 for D-A-CH have been finalized. They show a constant decline of the export rates of the German EMS industry. Details and explanations will be given in Würzburg/Germany  on July 4th 2019 at the 17 EMS day, the highlight event of the European EMS industry. My presentation will focus on the European structures of the EMS industry and their strategies. English speakers should join me at the conference/exhibition EOT - Electronics of tomorrow in Herning/Denmark on May 8th, 2019, where I will be giving a similar presentation in English from 11.00 to 11.50.

28. February 2019  EMS annual survey 2018 finished

The results of the EMS annual survey 2018 were distributed on 15. February already. A summary can be seen under "annual EMS statistics" on March 1st followed by articles in the professional press on March 4th.

30. January 2019 New record in participation of EMS annual survey

The secret of success is to stay focused, but at the same time reinvent yourself every day and make sure you continue to develop your products/services to the needs of your customers. I have done this over the last three years and I am harvesting the success now. 103 EMS companies from Germany and a total of 135 EMS companies from Europa participate in the annual EMS survey for the calendar year 2018. The German companies represent about 63% of the German EMS production revenues, on top we have 50% of the Austrian EMS revenues and 37% of the Swiss EMS revenues. In total this represents about 60% of the EMS revenues produced in D-A-CH in 2018. Participants are ahead of their competition, as they get a 41 pages PDF-File will all the details and analyses and know exactly where they are standing already in the middle of February. Tough luck for all those EMS companies, which ignored the free invitation to participate and still plan the strategy of their companies based on stomach feelings. The participation of German EMS with more than 50 mil Euros stands at 78%, in the revenue group between 20 to 50 mil. Euros it is at 52%. If you want to know more about the EMS annual survey of in4ma, just contact me at: 

29. November 2018 EMS seminar in Tallinn/Estonia

In connection with the Estonian Electronics Industries Association a seminar about high tech electronics was organized in Tallinn/Estonia on 29. November 2018. In the key note speech Weiss Engineering gave an overview about the EMS industry in Europe, explained in detail the development of this industry in Eastern Europe and showed, where the majority of the orders in Eastern Europe come from. Chances of EMS companies in Eastern Europe were highlighted and an overview of the development in Estonia was given.

The attendance by 112 people showed the attractiveness of the seminar. Besides five professors of Universities and ten representatives of different Estonian ministries, experts from the EMS electronics industry, their suppliers and their customers (OEM) from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, France and Germany took the time to come to Tallinn.

The presentation of Sergey Zorin of the Russian Developers and Manufacturers Association caught special attention, as he gave an overview of the Russian electronics market as well as the EMS companies in Russia.

15. November 2018 Special edition of the EMS press revue at "Electronica"

Due to many news about M&A activities in the European EMS industry, a special edition of the in4ma press revue was released during the exhibition "Electronica" in Munich. The in4ma press revue of Weiss Engineering is a free service of Weiss Engineering to the decision makers in the EMS industry in German language. Important information from the EMS industry are collected and distributed to people who signed up to the in4ma press revue ( in a quarterly issue.

This is not commercials about who bought which machine, as it is practiced in some online media. Only real information, which is important to understand the European EMS industry is published on three to five pages. The press revue has a high attractiveness within the EMS industry and even OEM start signing up for it. It is supplied as a PDF-file by email.

19. September 2018 Revision 2 of the EMS balance sheet analyses

After the EMS workshop, the second revision of the study balance sheet analyses with additional numbers for thee German EMS and the analysis of the big EMS in Austria has been released. All buyers of the original study EMS Balance sheet analyses automatically get the revisions free of charge. This study is an ideal tool to benchmark your own balance sheet and P&L against different groups of EMS (by revenues) and understand how the different revenue groups in Austria and Germany perform. This study (in German) as a PDF-File with 82 pages is available for 960,- Euro (

17. September 2018 The EMS Workshop 2018 was the EMS event of the year

85 people, nearly all of the employees, managing directors and owners, attended the EMS workshop 2018 in Munich. Starting with a speech of the Chief economist of Bank Julius Bär about the global economy development, followed by a detailed overview of the EMS industry, explaining as well structural changes between East and West Europa and interesting facts about the balance sheets and P&L of the EMS industry, this event again had a high attractiveness. 98% of the attendees are certain to attend the next workshop in 2020 again. This event is unbeatable in price, as only 450,-Euro were charged and as an additional asset, nearly 200 foils of the presentations were given as a handout.  This handout is available for non-participants at a price of 300,-Euro ( 

28. Juli 2018 Weiss Engineering with own homepage

It took some time but finally it was released: Still not prefect but with continuous improvements. Sneak in regularly, it is useful. As well you can have a look on my LinkedIn profile and connect with me in order to stay tuned on the various articles about the European EMS industry which I regularly publish there. 

23. Juli 2018 Revision 1 of the study EMS balance sheet analyses released

The report on the analyses of the balance sheets and P/L of the German EMS companies is finished. The report classifies the companies in six different revenue groups and is an ideal source for the EMS industry so benchmark their own results against the largest EMS county group in Europe.

7. June 2018 16. EMS-Day in Würzburg/Germany

 The 16. EMS-Day of the electronics magazine Elektronikpraxis was a success. A record was set with 77 participants of which the majority came from the EMS industry. Weiss gave a presentation about the European EMS industry, which was well taken. The EMS-Day is in German.

28. Mai 2018 in4ma study EMS balance sheet analyses June 2018 published

The annual reports of the German EMS industry, subdivided into six different revenue groups were carefully analyzed and summarized in the new study EMS Balance sheet analyses. This study is an ideal tool to benchmark your own results with other EMS companies in the same revenue group and use real data for your business plan and improvement plan rather than intuition.

12. March 2018 The EMS annual statistics 2017 is ready

117 EMS companies participated in the annual EMS survey and returned the questionnaire, a new record. They reported revenues of 4.69 Billion Euro with 21,729 employees, which equals a plus in revenues of 5.2%. The total growth rate for Europe will be less, it is normal that companies which did not have a good result prefer not to answer the questionnaire. All participants received the report with many valuable information free of charge.

30. January 2018 List of European EMS in in4ma Database exceeds 1.600 EMS companies.


The in4ma database on European EMS exceeded the 1.600 mark after long and intensive search using different kind of tools to find them. Still we think that there is about 150 companies missing, mainly small companies. Nevertheless, a small company of today can be a big player tomorrow and needs to be included into the annual screening/analysis as well. We are now publishing the actual numbers of EMS manufacturers in the database on our homepage.

2. January 2018 EMSNOW has a new Columnist for the European EMS industry 

 After the meeting with the publisher of the online  EMS magazine EMSNOW at Productronica, Dieter Weiss and Eric Miscoll agreed for Weiss to become the Columnist for EMSNOW and regularly report about the European EMS industry.