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The European EMS Industry

 For the past 15 years Weiss Engineering has analyzed the EMS market, first in D-A-CH only, since 2015 for all of Europe. The current Database has today 1788 entries of EMS companies in Europe, each individually analyzed. The 2017 revenues of these EMS companies add up to 36.1 Billion Euro (~40.78 Billion USD), a growth of 2,8% to 2016.

These numbers do not include the Maghreb states, neither do they include pure cable harness manufacturers, pure electro-mechanical manufacturing service companies or social workshops for the handicapped (there are about 40 in Europe). The "heart" of the in4ma EMS statistics is exclusively the printed circuit board assembly.

in4ma is the brand for the EMS statistics of Weiss Engineering.

See "EMS Europe" for more details.

 Latest Report


 The new annual analysis of the balance sheets and P&L of the German EMS industry in different revenue categories is now available. This paper is available in German only.

This study is a good basis for benchmarks for EMS companies but as well for OEMs to benchmark their internal PCBA production.

See "Reports" for more details.





New Events

"High-tech Electronics Manufacturing Services in Europe" was the title of the seminar and networking event organized by the Estonian Electronics Industries Association and Estronics, the cluster for smart electronics in Tallinn, Estonia on 29th November 2018.

Weiss Engineering gave a detailed presentation about the structure and development of the European EMS industry. 112 experts from the electronics industry participated in this seminar.