Weiss Engineering

17. EMS day 4. July 2019 in Würzburg/Germany

(this event is in German language)

Mark the date: the 17. EMS day 4 on July 4th marks not only the American Independence Day but as well the metamorphosis of a conference, which becomes the highlight of the EMS industry in Europe. Already as of today many high ranking representatives of this industry have agreed to give presentations about the changes in this industry and many managers from European EMS companies announced to be there as well. My Keynote speech about the "Structure and Strategy of the EMS Industry in Europe" will give you many insights why the European EMS industry is different from the Far East and the United States and where it will go to. Be there, compare your own situation/strategy with the content of the presentations and discuss with the managers for this industry. Mark your calendar, the event will start with a Networking dinner the evening before (3. July). Further details will be published here the soon they become available. The full program is now available on